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Boiler Integrity Management is critical to keep power plants running in a technically and financially efficient way. That’s why Structural Integrity Associates and Diamond Technical Services (DTS) have teamed up to provide a Comprehensive Boiler Integrity Management program. Our program leverages the expertise from DTS with Structural Integrity resulting in an integrated solution for fossil power plant boiler pressure parts (tubes, headers and drums) that includes:

    • Pre-outage Planning
      • Outage Scope Development
      • Pre-outage Engineering
      • Outage Management Services 
        • Boiler Inspection
        • Condition Assessment with Advanced NDE
        • Support Services Project Management
        • Contractual Weld Examination
        • Code Weld Examination
        • Repair Support
        • Post-outage Services
          • Fitness-for-Service Engineering
          • Root Cause Analysis
          • Metallurgical Evaluations
          • Failure Analysis
          • Remaining Life Assessment

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