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  • NRC Information Notice 2015-04: Fatigue in Branch Connection Welds

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued Information Notice 2015-04: Fatigue in Branch Connection Welds to raise awareness of unexpected fatigue failures on branch connection welds. Recent operating experience suggests that these failures are caused by resonance conditions. Learn more about our Branch Line Fatigue Failure Read More
  • Canadian HRSG Forum 2015 - Oakville, Ontario

    Register for the Canadian HRSG Forum. The 2015 Canadian HRSG Forum is being held on October 20-21 in Oakville, ON. Meet and discuss any aspect of HRSG operation, maintenance, and chemistry control. Read More
  • Plan for Engineering Training this fall

    We have 14 different in-depth training courses on critical topics that will help you preserve industry knowledge so your plants can continue to operate safely, efficiently, and reliably. Courses start in October. Read More
  • Thermal Fatigue NEI 03-08

    Ten New NEI-03-08 Good Practice and Needed Requirements are Released Recently, the EPRI MRP released the interim guidance letter, "Implementation of NEI 03-08 Needed and Good Practice Interim Guidance Requirements for Management of Thermal Fatigue" endorsed by the Primary Materials Management Program (PMMP) Executive Committee. Read More
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Structural Integrity

Whether you’re at nuclear reactors, fossil-fired generating units, or oil and gas pipeline facilities, there comes a time when you need help analyzing, preventing, and controlling structural and component failures. We’re here to help with the prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures in the energy industry.

We do inspection and monitoring, materials evaluations and remaining life assessments, stress and failure analyses, remediation and repair. We also assist with plant license renewal, help manage aging plant assets, oversee fabrication, help schedule overhauls, develop customized inspection systems, offer ASME Code support, provide expert opinions. We're ready to help our clients meet any challenge.

Unlike many other companies, we provide complete solutions: integrated — and innovative — analysis, control, and prevention of structural failures.

That's one of many reasons why so many nuclear, fossil, pipeline, and other industrial companies in the United States — and internationally — have called on us for engineering consulting support.