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AZZ WSI is a specialty welding supplier that equips and utilizes more than 600 weld operators to implement innovative automated repair solutions for the power and process industries. A highly specialized machining and surface profiling capability complements the AZZ WSI welding capability. All materials/welding evaluation, weld process development, as well as field tooling engineering and fabrication is handled internal to WSI, providing a high level of responsiveness to first-of-a-kind and novel repair challenges. 
Diakont is a full-cycle engineering, manufacturing, and service company that provides high-tech solutions which enhance the safety and economy of the nuclear power and pipeline industries. With a North American facility located in San Diego, California, Diakont is a leading manufacturer of pipeline inspection robotics, digital I&C systems, fuel handling equipment, and radiation-tolerant camera systems. Diakont products are utilized worldwide on power plants of all designs. More information.
ENERCON is an engineering, management and technical consulting firm with a client list that includes over 50 engineering and electric utility companies in the United States and abroad. This in-depth partnership with the industry has allowed ENERCON to formulate innovative solutions to support its client’s needs in engineering and analysis, training, management services, crisis management, operations, maintenance and regulatory affairs.
ENERCON has demonstrated project management skills on many firm price, and time and materials projects. ENERCON provides full-scope project management services that include management, project planning, reporting, cost control, and quality assurance. ENERCON has extensive experience in seismic characterization, analysis, and design for nuclear facilities worldwide. Working with leading industry experts, ENERCON has extensive experience with developing seismic hazard curves, GMRS and component seismic fragility curves in the nuclear industry.
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FBS is a technology transfer and product development company with a primary expertise in guided wave ultrasonic technology (GWT) for Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) applications in pipeline, rail, aviation, power generation, manufacturing, civil infrastructure and military products. Specializing in the transfer of fundamental research into commercialized technologies, FBS staff have played a pivotal role in the development of guided wave focusing technology for pipeline inspection. FBS was established in 1992 and holds more than five patents. Structural Integrity recently partnered with FBS and acquired their Inspection Services Group creating a strong alliance and advancements in Guided Wave for the Energy Industry.
Founded in 1962, Fugro Consultants collects and interprets data related to the earth’s surface and the soil and rocks beneath. The company provides advice, generally for purposes related to the oil and gas, mining, and construction industries, including infrastructure projects. Their Earthquake Geoscience and Engineering specialists provide consulting services related to earthquake geoscience and engineering problems. Fugro combines the resources of its geohazard, seismic hazard, risk modeling and earthquake engineering capabilities to provide a wide range of disciplines.
LUSE Thermal Technologies is one of the Midwest’s largest contractors for hot and cold mechanical insulation, environmental remediation, and other specialty construction services. Known for their expertise in managing capital improvement upgrades, outages, new industrial and utility projects, turnarounds, and maintenance projects, Luse brings a “customer first” approach to all projects. Their work covers the whole spectrum of markets-Nuclear, Fossil Fuel, Transmission and Distribution, Industrial, and Commercial. Structural Integrity and Luse Thermal currently are focused on providing a turnkey package addressing transformer fire and explosion impact barrier wall issues, as well as other applications related to post Fukushima lessons learned.

PowerPlant Engineering Power Plant Engineering is a website directory listing designed to bring relevant, informative and current industry professional details together in one easy to remember location.

MESATM is a turnkey provider of technical, material and construction services for Cathodic Protection and Pipeline Integrity Solutions. Our NATIONWIDE services include:
  • Manufacturing CP Materials and Test Equipment
  • Turnkey Construction Services
  • Engineering Design, Field Surveys, and AC Mitigation
  • Partnership with Structural Integrity for Direct Assessment and Indirect Inspection
  • Cased Crossing Assessment
SC Solutions
SC Solutions, Inc. established in 1987, is a specialty engineering services company and a certified small business made up of a Structural and a Controls Division working together to provide design solutions to the complex, cross-disciplinary problems in areas such as performance-based design and analysis, soil structure interaction, earthquake engineering, seismic evaluation, and retrofit design. SC Solutions staff is uniquely organized to provide its clients with the most efficient solutions to a variety of engineering problems. SC Solutions provides structural and geotechnical design and analysis services including structural design and analysis, soil dynamics, soil-structure interaction, foundation engineering, seismic hazard and ground motion evaluation, and geotechnical modeling and analysis.
Over the past twenty years, SC Solutions has successfully incorporated advanced nonlinear analysis using performance-based design into a highly reliable, production environment. This has resulted in significant design efficiencies for many projects. SC Solutions has developed unique capabilities in evaluating the 3-D seismic SSI response of nuclear power plants using detailed, design-level structural models in MTR/SASSI. This capability coupled with a seamless interface developed between the SSI and nonlinear structural models has allowed engineers to analyze seismic response of detailed structural models incorporating foundation nonlinearities (such as base sliding and/or uplift) and structural nonlinearities (such as concrete cracking, isolation systems, etc.).See more at:

W(SI)2 is the team of AZZ WSI Nuclear Services (WSI) and Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.(SI). This 25-year partnership started with weld overlay repair of BWR primary system welds (due to IGSCC damage) — first invented, licensed and implemented by the W(SI)2 team. In recent years, the team has set the industry standard for the engineering, licensing, implementation, and inspection of Alloy 600 component repairs. First-of-a-kind projects for the team of W(SI)2 include the PWR's first weld overlay (TMI), CRDM canopy seal overlay repairs, mid-wall pressurizer heater repairs, optimized weld overlay repairs and numerous wholesale pressurizer refurbishments.

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