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Canadian Services

Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI), with personnel conveniently located in its Toronto, Ontario office, offers its Canadian clients the same comprehensive consulting engineering and support services that SI provides to its U.S. clients, whether those clients operate nuclear, fossil-fired, or hydroelectric power plants, or pipelines carrying oil or gas, chemicals or petrochemicals, wastewater or drinking water.

SI provides a full range of nuclear plant services for Canada's CANDU® plants. Available CANDU engineering services include fatigue monitoring, leak-before-break evaluations, inspection and management of aging buried piping and tanks, failure analyses, risk-based programs, weld residual stress analyses, and weld overlay repairs. SI Canadian staff are also available to support CANDU compliance with Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission regulations.

SI is on call with comprehensive fossil plant services for Canadian coal-, oil-, and gas-fired power plants as well, including heat-recovery steam generators (HRSGs). SI's fossil plant services include boiler tube failure reduction programs, HRSG reliability improvement strategies, high-energy piping and boiler tube inspections, turbine-generator assessments, flow-accelerated corrosion mitigation, and cycle chemistry remediation.

Finally, SI offers a complete roster of pipeline services for the countless kilo-meters of pipeline systems that carry Canadian oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, water and wastewater. Available pipeline services include guided-wave pipeline surveys and EMAT inspections, hydro plant penstock evaluations, corrosion assessment, cathodic protection effectiveness testing, soil corrosivity analyses, Casing Assessments, and failure and root-cause analyses.

Incisive Industry Reports, SI's Canadian personnel have notable expertise in developing incisive industry reports for such major organizations as EPRI®. These reports are solidly backed by SI's industry research, technical knowledge, and practical experience. 

Industry Guidebooks, Preparation of comprehensive industry guidebooks is another specialty of SI's experienced Canadian personnel. SI can also collaborate with industry leaders in thoughtful development of sensible industry standards.

CANDU is a registered trademark of CANDU Owners Group, Inc. EPRI is a registered trademark of the Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

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