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Forensic Engineering Experts

When business losses, property losses or injury accidents occur, the potential for disputes and litigation increases.  Losses can occur due to seemingly minor events, or due to major events, such as power plant failures, pipeline ruptures, construction site accidents, or manufacturing plant failures.  When the situation calls for site investigation, forensic engineering, evidence preservation, failure analyses, materials evaluations, and expert opinions, it's imperative to work with a trusted consulting engineering firm—one that understands structural and mechanical failures, design, construction, fabrication, and industry codes, and can provide thorough and accurate assessments of causation.

That's where Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI) can help. Structural Integrity’s Expert Solutions team of metallurgical and forensic engineers can quickly provide experienced engineers, inspectors, technicians, and forensic engineering specialists to analyze the situation and present fact-based analyses on behalf of utilities, industrial clients, legal firms, or insurance companies. In addition to reliable failure and root-cause analyses for mechanical, electrical, and rotating equipment, we can provide expert opinions, deposition and trial testimony, courtroom exhibit preparation, database construction and analysis, and risk management.

As part of our Forensic Engineering Services, Expert Solutions provides and coordinates a wide variety of engineering services, including advanced inspection methods, data analysis, computer modeling, code reviews, metallurgical failure analyses, materials evaluations, and small-, medium-, and large-scale incident investigations. The next time you need a utility expert witness, a forensic engineering expert, a metallurgical expert witness, a failure analysis expert, or an industrial accident investigation, call on our Expert Solutions.

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