Forensic Engineering - Expert Opinions

Forensic Engineering - Expert Opinions

The forensic engineers on Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. ‘s (SI’s) Expert Solutions team are experts in the persuasive presentation of technical conclusions. Backed by accurate and dependable engineering analyses, materials evaluations, and incident reconstruction, we are prepared to convincingly present expert opinions at depositions, civil trials, arbitrations, or in rate case proceedings. The same Structural Integrity engineering experts who advise utilities, refineries, pipeline owners, and other industrial clients on routine inspections and investigations are available to assist with forensic engineering analysis of litigation-related matters. All of our reports are peer-reviewed to ensure that the opinions expressed are based on accurate data and derived using methodologies that are widely accepted within the forensic engineering community. Moreover, our metallurgical experts and failure analysis experts are skilled at presenting complex technical concepts in a concise, easily understandable manner, using exhibits and other aids as needed.

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