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Introduction to Flow Induced Vibration

Flow Induced Vibration (FIV) phenomena arising out of fluid-structure interactions are quite common in both BWRs and PWRs. Piping systems, valves, steam generator tubes, heat exchanger tubes and other critical components encounter FIV loads during the course of their normal operations. Recent implementations of the Extended Power Upgrade (EPU) in BWRs have brought upon unique challenges in identifying FIV phenomena and finding solutions to mitigate or eliminate them. This webinar introduces basic FIV terminology, well known mechanisms, empiricisms and practical solutions, particularly useful to a novice to the subject.

Presented on: June 4, 2008
Instructor: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

About the Instructor

Raju Ananth, P.E., holds a Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He has over 30 years of industrial experience in solving practical problems in the areas of vibration, stress analysis, heat transfer and reliability. He was recently involved in the team effort that identified acoustic resonance in BWR steam piping systems and implemented mitigating systems. has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and is experienced in implementing and managing client Integrity Management projects. Among his achievements: he has conducted direct assessment projects for multiple clients, and served as lead engineer in all phases of Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment for a large natural gas transmission pipeline operator. Gardner is especially knowledgeable in Integrity Management Plan regulations and in direct assessment documentation and reporting.

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