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Pipeline Services

Operators face increasing challenges to ensure that their aging infrastructures will have the strength and integrity to continue safe and reliable operation. Whether these infrastructures are pipelines that are transporting oil, gas, chemicals, or petrochemicals, or penstocks conveying water to a hydroelectric plant, or a gas distribution network, the cost of failure is too high for any operator to afford. Whatever a pipeline, penstock, or gas main is carrying, Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI) has 30 years of experience and expertise to get it where it has to go, and safely.

SI offers a broad array of services, from advanced inspections of individual pipelines to development and documentation of comprehensive Integrity Management Programs (IMPs) for entire pipeline networks, gas distribution systems, and steel penstocks. SI can help oil and gas transmission clients implement External Corrosion Direct Assessment, Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment, and Stress Corrosion Cracking Direct Assessment programs to meet regulatory requirements. SI can help gas utilities implement Distribution Integrity Management Programs (DIMP) to meet upcoming regulatory requirements. It can assess penstocks at hydroelectric plants. It can implement comprehensive engineering programs to manage aging buried piping at nuclear plants, or assess high-energy piping and boiler tubing at fossil plants. It can analyze pipeline failures and mitigate missteps to avoid repeat failures.
SI is also an innovator in pipeline inspection, risk analysis, and asset management technology, offering SI-developed AuditPro© to facilitate IMP audits; SoilPro© for corrosion rate calculations that go far beyond conventional techniques; RiskPro© to evaluate gas transmission pipeline risks; geographic information systems that present volumes of engineering data in convenient 3-D images; and more.

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