Product Certification

Based in Bend, Oregon, TRU Compliance is the product certification division of Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., and is a recognized leader in Seismic, Wind & Blast product certification since 2008. TRU Compliance is a full-service product certification agency executing project specific and product line approvals for a range of code requirements and disaster contingencies. The unique capabilities provided by TRU Compliance complement the core strengths of Structural Integrity, allowing clients the ability to qualify by analysis, and now, qualify by testing.

TRU Compliance provides customized, turn-key certifications tailored to meet clients’ unique needs, and are especially well-suited for structures, systems and components (SCCs) in the critical markets and industries served by Structural Integrity. Certification programs are founded on technically defensible approaches which satisfy the most stringent requirements and jurisdictional reviews.

With over 15,000 individual product certifications to date, you can trust TRU Compliance and its extensive staff of experts to effectively execute projects from beginning to end.

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