Robotic In-Line Inspection

Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI) is able to deliver robotic in-line inspection (Robotic ILI) services for critical piping components. Structural Integrity's SIPEC™ is capable of dynamic pulsed eddy current technologies for the detection and characterization of volumetric wall loss and other damage. Using the SIPEC™ dynamic pulsed eddy current solution, inspections can be completed through internal pipe liners and with less cleaning than other ILI solutions.


The Structural Integrity Advantage

Structural Integrity's dynamic Pulsed Eddy Current (SIPEC™) sensor, electronics, and data processing and analysis algorithms enable pulsed eddy current data to be acquired while the sensor is in motion. Using the high measurement frequency and dynamic data acquisition capabilities of our SIPEC™ technology the team has delivered the industry's first pulsed eddy current in-line inspection solution. We can assist with critical flaw analysis, contingency planning, disposition of the inspection findings, and many other engineering services. Our Quality Assurance Program meets the requirements set forth in 10CFR50 for safety-related activities.

Advantages of Service

  • Direct inspections without excavation
  • Pipe does not have to be pressurized or filled with water
  • No liquid couplants required
  • Less prep time is required for cleaning
  • Discrimination between internal and external metal loss
  • Sensor standoff distance from the component can be up to ¾"
  • Flaw characterization (axial length, circumferential length, remaining wall thickness)
  • Measurement of approximate liner thickness
  • Full scope offering (planning, inspections, and disposition)

Example Applications of Technology

  • Buried piping inspections
  • Inspection of piping with internal liners
  • Inspection of fouled piping