For 30 years, Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.’s pc-CRACK™ has been an industry leader in fracture mechanics software. The software has been expanded to include many new features. Sophisticated fracture mechanics analyses are performed quickly and easily with pc-CRACK™, developed by Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI). The Microsoft® Windows®-based software analyzes and predicts flaw behavior, including calculation of crack growth rates and critical crack sizes for pressure vessels, piping, steam turbines, and structures, with immediate display of analysis results. pc-CRACK applications include ASME Code Section XI flaw evaluations as well as weld overlay design.

Features in Version 4.2 (release date: May 2018):

  • Verified under nuclear quality assurance program
  • LEFM and EPFM capabilities
  • 37 LEFM crack models, many with influence functions
  • 15 EPFM crack models
  • Surface and depth direction crack growth for elliptical cracks
  • User-defined 1d or 2d stress intensity factor inputs for crack growth analysis
  • Allowable Crack Size Calculation using ASME Section XI IWB-3640 2004 Edition
  • Batch mode capability
  • Materials library
  • Streamlined user interface

The following crack growth rate options are available:

  • Paris Fatigue Crack Growth Equation
  • Walker Fatigue Crack Growth Equation
  • Stress Corrosion Crack Growth Equation
  • PWSCC Equation
  • Tabular da/dn-DK
  • Tabular da/dt-K
  • ASME Austenitic Air Fatigue Crack Growth
  • ASME Ferritic Air Fatigue Crack Growth
  • ASME Ferritic LWR Fatigue Crack Growth
  • Several new crack growth laws for FCG and SCC from ASME BPVC.XI-2017
pc CRACK 2018


pc-CRACK expands the capability of your engineering staff by providing an easy-to-use tool that allows users to rapidly perform sophisticated fracture mechanics analyses. With pc-CRACK you can easily formulate decisions (and generate support documentation) regarding the effects of structural flaws in a wide variety of materials and components. A demo version of the software is available for free.

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Demo Download instructions:

  • Download SetupPCC.zip to your computer.
  • Unzip the zip file to a folder. The zip file contains two files (setup.exe and SetupPCC.msi).
  • Double-click on setup.exe and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

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