Disciplines & Expertise

Disciplines & Expertise

We are a team of solutions experts, ready to solve even the most complex problems

Structural Integrity is a global leader in providing innovative engineering solutions. Using a multidisciplinary approach, our experts bring a fresh perspective and proven solutions for condition assessment, component integrity, metallurgical & failure analysis, and regulatory support. Our signature services offer a unique blend of state-of-the-art science and dedicated customer service.  While our origins are in the power generation and energy industries, we’ve expanded our expertise to apply these competencies to a broad range of areas including critical and complex infrastructure, health care, transportation, pipelines, among others.

Field Condition Assessment

Timely and accurate information regarding the condition of critical components is a key element in asset integrity management. A comprehensive understanding of the real cause of aging related degradation or manufacturing deficiencies allows for optimizing short-and long-term repair decisions while balancing the economics, safety and overall life management of the asset. In-field condition assessments using non-destructive techniques allow the inspection of materials, components, or systems in a safe and cost-effective manner in order to provide support for run, repair or replace decisions.

Our field condition assessment service offerings and expertise can be applied across various industries including power generation, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical and many other industrial environments where the understanding of material conditions are critical to overall asset management.

Code & Regulatory Consulting

With decades of consulting experience throughout the power and energy sector and with our staff of multidisciplinary experts, Structural Integrity understands the complexities of today's evolving regulatory landscape and the interaction with core technical and operational considerations of the asset owners. We can help ensure compliance with regulations, benchmark against industry best practices, and make technically and operationally informed recommendations to help our clients implement plans and roadmaps for dealing with key code and regulatory issues.


For over 30 years, companies within the power and energy sectors have turned to Structural Integrity for knowledge and expertise to solve difficult problems, provide integrated solutions, and deliver specialized engineering training. The workforce transformation driven by retirements, hiring gaps and new generations of employees joining our client work forces have the potential to create gaps in knowledge and expertise on the important technical issues. To address these challenges, Structural Integrity offers a broad spectrum of training courses and professional development programs.

Linking Theory and Practice™

We know people learn in different ways and have differing needs, so we link theory and practice to allow our clients to build knowledge so they can solve complex problems, reduce risk, and save money by recognizing issues before they become failures.

  • Our Instructors

    Our instructors are at the forefront of their fields; many are active members or leaders on important Codes and Standards Committees. Their expertise and commitment to our clients have earned Structural Integrity a reputation for world-class service.

  • The Venues

    In addition to the courses and seminars we host at the various Structural Integrity offices, you can choose the location that best suits your needs. We can provide training on-site at your location and during a timeframe that is convenient.

  • Earn PDH’s

    Many of Structural Integrity’s courses have the necessary components to meet the requirements for accredited engineering training or qualify for Professional Engineering continuing education credits.

Taking this course better prepared me for my new position and helped me not only understand the theory but also apply it to real world problems

Software & Products

At Structural Integrity, we don't wait for solutions to pressing problems - we create them. That spirit of innovation has led to an array of signature software powered by some of the brightest minds in the business. Data monitoring, management and analysis are almost effortless with our state-of-the-art software solutions. And like all of our offerings, we can customize or develop new tools to meet your unique needs. Our advanced software puts the facts at your fingertips to enhance asset management programs and regulatory compliance.

Our legacy includes a long line of software innovations; many have become standard in the field of failure analysis and prevention. Still, at Structural Integrity we never rest on past successes. We embrace the latest knowledge and technology to continually create tools that tackle emerging needs. You can trust us to provide software, services and strategies that are truly state-of-the-art.


For 30 years, Structural Integrity’s pc-CRACK™ has been an industry leader in fracture mechanics software. The software has been expanded to include many new features. Sophisticated fracture mechanics analyses are performed quickly and easily with pc-CRACK™, developed by Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.

The Microsoft® Windows®-based software analyzes and predicts flaw behavior, including calculation of crack growth rates and critical crack sizes for pressure vessels, piping, steam turbines, and structures, with immediate display of analysis results. pc-CRACK applications include ASME Code Section XI flaw evaluations as well as weld overlay design.

pc-CRACK expands the capability of your engineering staff by providing an easy-to-use tool that allows users to rapidly perform sophisticated fracture mechanics analyses. With pc-CRACK you can easily formulate decisions (and generate support documentation) regarding the effects of structural flaws in a wide variety of materials and components.


PRAISE was originally developed in 1981 to provide a probabilistic tool for the analysis of fatigue crack growth or pre-existing crack-like defects in commercial light water reactor piping. PRAISE is an acronym for Piping Reliability Analysis Including Seismic Events, and seismic events are considered as part of the cyclic stresses that grow fatigue cracks.

PRAISE has since gone through several enhancements, including a pc version, fatigue crack initiation, a Windows version for ease of use and inclusion of initiation and growth of pressurized water stress corrosion cracking (PWSCC). beyond-PRAISE is PRAISE that has been rewritten and restructured to provide numerous expansions and enhancements.

MAPPro™ & MAPProView™

MAPPro™ — Managing Aging Piping Pro — should be a critical component of any data management program for aging buried piping systems. This powerful proprietary corrosion engineering database helps Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. and its clients expedite data management, decision-making, and process documentation using a wealth of asset data: design and operating data; corrosion control data; data on leaks, repairs, and replacements; inspection data, including cathodic protection, excavation, soils, visual, and ultrasonic; and analysis data. MAPPro is enhanced by our MAPProView™, a state-of-the-art database visualization tool that can be used as a 3-D model to assist with identifying pipe and tank locations that require particular attention, or for excavation planning or release modeling.


Minimizing risk and maximizing reliability are the key goals for an effective asset management program. An essential part of any effective program is a system that will warehouse the associated data. Simply storing the data is not sufficient, however. The data management system must be capable of mining and analyzing the data to transform that data into information which can be used to make informed and effective decisions. To that end, Structural Integrity has developed our data management program PlantTrack™.

PlantTrack is a powerful, web-based software solution with features designed specifically for the power industry. PlantTrack helps utilities to manage all types of data related to power plant design, construction, operation, specifications, inspections, maintenance and repairs, and failure investigations.

Learn more about PlantTrack and its specific uses in Fossil & Combined Cycle Plants »


Metal fatigue from cyclic stresses can shorten the life of critical nuclear plant components, but SI:FatiguePro 4.0™, a fatigue monitoring software system developed by Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI), automatically tracks environmentally-assisted fatigue usage and transients in these key components, using existing plant instrumentation. SI:FatiguePro 4.0™ facilitates plant life extension/license activities by providing an immediate, up-to-date and continual assessment of fatigue usage in all critical vessels and piping.


Developed by Structural Integrity and Licensed by EPRI®

Creep-FatiguePro™, a real-time creep-fatigue monitoring software system, automatically tracks operation within the creep-fatigue range and incorporates the effects of transients in these key components. Creep-FatiguePro functions using existing plant instrumentation, delivering an immediate, up-to-date, and continual assessment of creep fatigue usage in piping and other components. The most recent version of Creep-FatiguePro is Microsoft® Windows®-based and user-friendly, configured to reside on a dedicated personal computer. Structural Integrity initially developed the code for EPRI, but has continued to develop and commercialize the software to meet the industry’s needs. Creep-FatiguePro is available from us under a licensing agreement with EPRI.


Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion and Biofouling: Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is an ever-present threat to nuclear plant service water systems, particularly standby and redundant water systems — some safety-related — that spend half or more of their “operating lives” in what is essentially a wet layup state for extended periods of time. During those periods, microbes can create corrosion cells, even in stainless steel systems, where perforations can occur rapidly. In addition, the biofilms that form degrade heat transfer and can harbour pathogens such as Legionella bacteria. Fortunately, the BioGEORGE™ monitoring system provides on-line, real-time information on biofilms on metallic surfaces. That information provides an early warning of biofilms on plant equipment before these rapidly forming films can get a toe-hold. The BioGEORGE™ system also provides a reliable indication of the effectiveness of biocide treatments; critical information to optimize biocide and other chemical treatment selection, timing and duration of chemical additions, and concentrations.

Failure Analysis & Forensics

When components fail, answers are needed to the question of 'why did it fail', and 'How do we prevent it from happening again?' Structural Integrity's engineering expertise, modeling experience, and deep knowledge of materials, makes it the company that can help answer those questions. Our multidisciplinary approach to failure investigation combined with our condition assessment and Material Science Center have a long history of addressing complicated issues after failures occur - and preventing future failures from happening.

Ultimately, the goals of the failure analysis are to identify the failure mode, the cause of the failure, and the actions required to reduce or eliminate the potential for future or repeat failures. Our technical staff use the results of failure analysis investigations to provide practical recommendations for our clients. The results of such analyses can also be used as a basis for assessing component remaining life, recommending inspection methods or inspection intervals, facilitating repairs to components, and modifying component designs to reduce the likelihood for future failures.

Materials Sciences Laboratory

Structural Integrity’s Material Science Center, located in Austin, Texas, houses a full-service metallurgical testing laboratory with experienced staff that can assist with a wide-range of metallurgical or component issues. Our knowledgeable personnel can also provide on-site materials evaluations, such as metallographic replication, positive material identification (PMI), hardness testing, and failure analysis support.

The need for material property evaluations can result from questions about materials used in new construction, suspected material degradation due to prolonged service, or, as part of an investigation into the cause of a failure event. For any situation involving material property characterization, Structural Integrity has an experienced group of materials specialists, and a full-service metallurgical testing laboratory that can perform any number of chemical, mechanical, or specially-designed tests to address specific circumstances or in-service degradation.

Product Certification

TRU Compliance is a recognized leader in Seismic, Wind & Blast product certification, and is a full-service certification agency executing project-specific and product line approvals for a range of code compliance applications. Approaches to certification include analysis, test or the use of our database of past experience.

  • Seismic Certification

    Shake table testing or engineering analysis to certify equipment for use in hospitals and other essential facilities for earthquake protection.

  • Wind Certification

    Hurricane, tornado, and windstorm testing & analysis to the latest codes and standards to certify products and keep critical components fastened and operating when the storm hits.

  • Blast Certification

    Blast and physical security testing and analysis for products protecting military, civilian, and industrial facilities from terrorism or accidental explosion.

You can trust in TRU Compliance and our commitment as an independent product certification agency. With over 15,000 individual product certifications to date and even more internal subcomponents, TRU Compliance knows what it takes to effectively execute projects from beginning to end.