Creep-FatiguePro™ - Developed by Structrual Integrity and Licensed by EPRI®

Long-term creep and fatigue damage are the two most common degradation mechanisms that can eventually lead to cracking, leakage, or rupture in critical high-temperature fossil plant boiler and turbine components.

Although these damage mechanisms can occur separately, the combined interaction between creep and fatigue can reduce the time to failure. The rate of creep-fatigue damage accumulation depends directly on actual plant operating conditions, but plant staff members often need a way to access that operating data and convert it into a form that is usable for evaluating creep-fatigue damage, all in real time.

Creep-FatiguePro™, a real-time creep-fatigue monitoring software system automatically tracks operation within the creep-fatigue range and incorporates the effects of transients in these key components. Creep-FatiguePro functions using existing plant instrumentation, delivering an immediate, up-to-date, and continual assessment of creep fatigue usage in piping and other components. The most recent version of Creep-FatiguePro is Microsoft® Windows®-based and user-friendly, configured to reside on a dedicated personal computer. Structural Integrity initially developed the code for EPRI, but has continued to develop and commercialize the software to meet the industry’s needs. Creep-FatiguePro is available from us under a licensing agreement with EPRI.