Chemistry Assessments & Evaluations

Our staff provides industry-recognized expertise in combination with plant experience to perform assessments and evaluations that provide the client a comparison to industry best practice and recommended steps to achieve and sustain that level of excellence.

  • Chemistry Program & Control Assessments
  • General (pre-INPO), BWRVIP, Fuel Reliability, Radiation Dose, Targeted, Program Enhancement
  • GAP Assessments (Plant Practice vs. Industry Best or Standard)
  • Source Term Assessments
  • Reactor Water Cleanup Systems
  • BWR Zinc Injection System
  • Raw Water Chemical Treatment Systems
  • Condensate Polishing Systems
  • Closed Cooling Water Systems 
  • Stator Liquid Cooling
  • Torus/Suppression Pool
  • Radwaste Processing
  • Makeup Water Treatment


Related Materials

Nuclear Chemistry

Other Types of Plant Assistance

Our staff uses proven methods to optimize performance in water processing to save the client on costs and labor in support of the industry effort of Delivering the Nuclear Promise (DNP). Our broad industry experience provides client support in identification and resolution of the cause of chemistry transients, as well as support of the root cause investigations associated with impactful chemistry events.

  • Laboratory Jar Testing 
  • Laboratory Test Method Development
  • Operational Chemistry Control
  • Chemistry Data/Anomaly Evaluations
  • Plant Decommissioning Water Processing Plans
    • Chemistry Projects - Examples:
      • Strategic Water Chemistry Plan
      • Chemical Decontaminations
      • Chemistry Procedure Upgrades
      • HWC/NMCA Program Support
      • Chemistry Process Performance Teams
      • Chemistry Limits & Frequencies Matrix
  • Root Cause Investigations