As reduced engineering staffs continue to manage aging plants, it becomes more difficult to solve the problems and maintain the systems and components for continued plant operation. At the same time, commercial and safety demands require fast and effective engineering solutions. In this environment, utility engineers require tools and methods to support their needs in problem resolution that meet the current Codes and regulations for operating plants.

Structural Integrity was originally founded in 1983 to help utilities operate nuclear plants safely and efficiently with a focus on the prevention and control of failures. our fundamental understanding of degradation mechanisms and experience in managing these mechanisms has led many nuclear utilities to turn to us for help in managing current plant issues and developing tools and programs for improved equipment reliability and reduced costs of unplanned outages.

Our technical know-how and expertise in the areas of plant operations and maintenance have assisted utilities with improved equipment reliability.

We have performed technical and consulting work related to the design and operation for all nuclear-fueled reactor types in the U.S., as well as CANDU and next-generation small modular reactors. The experts at Structural Integrity actively participate in the key industry organizations relevant to plant operability and safety including the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), as well as ASME, NACE, ASNT and other standards organizations, and have developed new technology and software that have become nuclear industry mainstays.

DNGS Reactor Face Top Right Sub Assembly