Engineering Programs

As the U.S. nuclear fleet enters its fifth decade of electricity generation, asset management becomes increasingly important as various aging issues challenge the structural integrity of systems and components. Several industry engineering programs have been established to address specific aging concerns not addressed during the original plant design or more effective methods have been employed to improve mitigation efficiency.

Structural Integrity was originally founded in 1983 to help utilities build and operate nuclear plants safely with a focus on the prevention and control of failures. Our support for engineering programs is well aligned with that initial focus and has been a growing part of our business. Our staff of subject matter experts are able to support engineering programs with a wide breadth of technical expertise, understanding of plant systems and knowledge of industry operating experience. Our involvement in ASME Code activities and other industry forums allows for a full understanding of regulatory issues and industry best practices to ensure a successful engineering program implementation.

Below are some specific engineering programs where Structural Integrity can help.