Seismic Analysis

To protect the public and the environment, your facilities were built to withstand all kinds of demands, as well as natural and manmade disasters. But it only takes one cataclysmic event – like the earthquake that rocked Japan's Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011 – to change everything.

Structural Integrity shares your concern for structural integrity and public safety – and we are uniquely qualified to reinforce both. Since 1983, our company has dedicated itself to the analysis, control and prevention of structural and mechanical failures, including seismic-related events.

With expertise in all facets of structural integrity – and a proven multidisciplinary approach – we provide a full menu of integrated seismic services. Our team of respected industry professionals has the know-how you need to maintain the integrity of your facility and meet regulatory requirements for seismic evaluation.

Armed with an array of state-of-the-art tools and technology, we offer complete seismic evaluations you can trust. We use linear-elastic and non-linear structural and stress analyses to measure the impact of thermal, static, and dynamic loading on concrete and steel structures and a variety of power plant components and systems.

Our seismic design and analysis experience includes the following:

  • Seismic qualification of structures, systems, components and equipment
  • Stress analysis of components and systems under combined seismic loads
  • Dynamic time history analysis, including 3-D applications
  • Development of response spectra for piping and equipment
  • Development, review and analytical support of seismic test programs
  • Review and evaluation of input loadings and design criteria
  • Seismic stability analyses
  • Seismic design review

We rely on sophisticated computer codes such as ANSYS® and LS-DYNA® for finite element analysis of concrete structures and PIPESTRESS for piping system analysis. 

Structural Integrity also partners with other industry leaders to provide the full range of seismic probabilistic risk assessment (SPRA) and seismic margin assessment (SMA) services.

Clients turn to Structural Integrity for reliable seismic assessments on a wide range of civil structures, fossil power plants, nuclear containments and related structures, heavy-lift cranes, and spent fuel handling and storage systems.