Buried Piping Programs

Leaks in your plant's underground piping are a serious concern – and the risks only grow as equipment ages. To ensure continued safety and reliability, owners must uncover the facts about the condition of buried piping.

To help in these fact-finding missions, Structural Integrity has developed a multidisciplinary solution that incorporates guidance from INPO and EPRI. Our team has the know-how you need to help with all phases of buried piping integrity programs – from the planning stage through field inspection, data collection and analysis, risk ranking and mitigation, and follow-up monitoring. Working with the most advanced technology available today, we have set a new standard for underground inspections.



Powered by state-of-the art technology – including the industry's most advanced guided wave testing – our experts can navigate the most challenging conditions and precisely locate risks related to corrosion and stress. Our success in addressing underground corrosion concerns is unmatched in the industry.

Integrating all relevant data (e.g., design, soil, groundwater, cathodic protection, plant history), we provide accurate answers to owners' most pressing questions about buried piping. Our assessments lead to informed decisions and shift focus from costly remediation to a proactive prevention plan.

Our turnkey solution includes data management support and innovative software developed by our in-house experts. MAPPro™ – Managing Aging Piping Pro – offers sophisticated, yet simple, data analysis and management. Companion program MAPProView uses state-of-the-art 3-D modeling to help identify pipe and tank locations that require special attention.

The current generation of nuclear plants is approaching the end of their operational life. And years of wear and tear have left underground piping systems even more vulnerable to corrosion and stress. Evaluating and managing the integrity of buried piping that contain radionuclides is an especially challenging issue that requires highly specialized skills – talents Structural Integrity brings to the table. Our buried piping programs help nuclear plant owners meet license renewal requirements and prepare their plant for the years ahead.