Real-Time Damage Tracking with SI Technology and GP Strategies’ EtaPRO


Structural Integrity and GP Strategies recently announced an agreement to bring SI’s technology for calculating, tracking, and trending life consumption of piping and boiler components to GP Strategies EtaPRO real-time monitoring platform. Structural Integrity has a long history with creep and fatigue damage monitoring applications, most recently with the suite of applications available as part of SI’s PlantTrack platform.  The partnership with GP Strategies brings that technology to EtaPRO which is used worldwide by power-generating organizations to monitor the performance and reliability of their generation assets.

EtaPRO users will benefit from easy integration of SI’s leading-edge Boiler and Piping Component Reliability (BPCR) modules to quantify damage to high- pressure, high-temperature components such as tubing, piping, headers, and desuperheaters. The BPCR modules track and trend accumulated creep and fatigue damage in real time using SI’s proprietary algorithms that combine actual operating data and material condition with a plant’s specific configuration. Plant operators can use the resulting life consumption estimates to guide asset management decisions, such as changes in operating procedures, targeted inspections, or off- line analysis of anomalous conditions.

As an example, the header damage tracking module uses process instrumentation (pressure, temperature and steam flow) and terminal tube thermocouples in combination with the specific geometric configuration and material type of the header to track the following damage modes:

  • Oxide growth and creep damage accumulation in terminal tubes
  • Creep related, header side, stub tube damage
  • Fatigue related, tube side, stub tube damage
  • Creep and fatigue damage in axial and circumferential ligaments between tube boreholes
  • Creep damage in girth and seam welds

Tracking these damage mechanisms guides future inspection, maintenance or replacement plans for headers that experience flexible operation, rapid load changes or extensive cycling; as well as for aged headers with large steam temperature imbalances.

The BPCR modules utilize the EtaPRO platform so additional hardware is not required and the interface is familiar to users and administrators. This simplifies installation and configuration and enables users to have the modules up and running in a very short time.

The algorithms used in the BPCR modules to quantify damage accumulation are the same as in SI’s PlantTrack

Online Damage Tracking Apps. Those Apps are available for plants that either already have the PlantTrack offline data management software or don’t have the EtaPRO software. Using this consistent code base ensures that whether users are using the EtaPRO BPCR modules or the PlantTrack Online Apps the same results are achieved.

Both SI and GP Strategies have been providing solutions to the power industry for decades. This offering now enables power plant owners to benefit from the combined technology developed by both companies during that time.

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