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2019 ANS Annual Meeting

Explore the Value of Nuclear at the American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting – June 9 – 13!

Vick Nazareth and Mark Drucker, leaders of our Nuclear Fuels division, will be in Minneapolis, June 9 – 13, for the ANS Annual Meeting. American Nuclear Society provides society members with professional development opportunities and serves the nuclear community by creating a forum for sharing information and advancements in technology, and by engaging the public and policy makers through communication outreach.

Attending this event offers knowledge transfer opportunities and a chance to network with other industry leading professionals, government officials and individuals representing fields of nuclear science and technology from a utility perspective. 

Our nuclear fuels engineers have a high level of knowledge and expertise in fuel behavior modeling during normal and accident conditions, as well as specialized knowledge in core neutronics, core thermal-hydraulics, design basis accident transients, and radiological dose assessment analyses. The fuels team specializes in fuel licensing and fuel vendor transition projects, including performance of calculations and preparation of submittals to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Read more of our capabilities here.

Structural Integrity Attendees
Mark Drucker


Mr. Drucker is a licensed Professional Engineer with more than 35 years of nuclear power experience related to nuclear fuel management, design, construction, operation, licensing, and emergency response. This experience has been mastered through his tenure as a

Vick Nazareth


Mr. Nazareth is a Professional engineer with over 40 years of progressive technical leadership in the area of Nuclear Fuels. Throughout his career he has been involved in all aspects of nuclear fuel management from mining, conversion and


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