ASME Power Conference and Nuclear Forum

Join us for the ASME Power Conference & Nuclear Forum in Utah

Join Senior Engineer, Dr. Eric Kjolsing at the ASME Power & Nuclear Forum, July 16th at 10:30 am at the Snowbird Resort, in Salt Lake City, UT as he presents on  Assessing Prestress Losses in a Nuclear Containment Structure for License Renewal.  Eric will present an analysis methodology for concrete containment structures utilizing grouted post-tensioned tendons representative of non-US designs. The methodology is intended to demonstrate that a structure can still meet established design requirements beyond the designed service life while accounting for creep, shrinkage, and tendon relaxation. 

Over the past three years, Eric has worked on various projects within our organization:

  • Concrete Containment Prestress Loss Study (2017)
  • In-Situ Dynamic Characterization of a Concrete Intake Tower (2018)
  • In-Field Vibration Monitoring of an Induced Draft Fan (2018)
  • Identifying Failure Mechanisms of I-Section Floodwalls (2019)

Attending this conference offers Structural Integrity opportunities to meet with other professionals to discuss the latest research, strategies, economics, regulatory compliance and critical issues within the industry.

If you are attending ASME and would like to meet Eric to discuss trending topics or his selected presentation, please send him an email or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Structural Integrity Attendees
Eric Kjolsing

Senior Engineer

Eric Kjolsing joined Structural Integrity Associates in 2016 after completing his PhD in Structural Engineering.  His PhD research interests were in the fields of mechanical vibrations and energy harvesting. Prior to pursuing his PhD, Eric worked as a bridge designer in Southern California.  At Structural Integrity Dr. Kjolsing is heavily involved with the development of finite element models to facilitate analyses of both concrete and steel structures.  Representative work includes impact, prestress loss, seismic and shock analyses of assets managed by power utilities.  


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