ASME Pressure Vessels & Piping (PVP) Conference


Are you attending the ASME Pressure Vessel & Piping Conference in July? We are proud to have six of our Nuclear and Critical Structure experts selected to present on various topics at this year’s conference.  ASME PVP conference is being hosted in San Antonio, TX and is an internationally recognized forum where participants engage in diverse topics to share and expand their knowledge.  Attending this conference provides our team with an opportunity to connect with colleagues, exchange ideas and discuss the areas concerning the advancement of Pressure Vessel and Piping technologies from industry and academia.

Presenting on behalf of Structural Integrity:

  • Daniel Peters was selected to share his presentation ‘An Update on a Case Study on Verification and Validation of API 17TR8’ and ‘Case  Study on the Effect of Mean Stress on Ground Storage Vessels for Fueling.’
  • Doug Fankell authored the presentation titled ‘A coupled Acoustic-Structural Simulation of the Dynamics in A Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor During  Re-circulation Outlet Rupture.’
  • Shari Day will speak on the ‘Computation of Boiling Water Reactor Annulus Flow Loads Using 2D Potential Flow Methodology and 3D Finite Element Analysis: A Comparative Study.’
  • Christopher Lohse will discuss the ‘Inspection Optimization Justification for PWR Main Steam and Feedwater Nozzles Using Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics.’
  • DJ Shim will present his ‘Comparison of Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches for LBB.’
  • David Segletes was selected to present his ‘Fracture Mechanics Based Asset Management Approach in SCC Environments.’


If you are attending ASME and would like to meet one of our experts to discuss trending topics or their selected presentation, please send them an email or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Structural Integrity Attendees
Daniel Peters


Daniel Peters is an Associate at Structural Integrity Associates and his activities over the last twenty years have focused on the design and analysis of high-pressure equipment, including the application of fracture mechanics to the design and analysis

Doug Fankell


Dr. Fankell’s work experience at Structural Integrity includes advanced non-linear finite element experience of solids and fluids under extreme loading conditions, including turbine blade missile impact analysis and biomedical device – biological tissue interactions.   Dr. Fankell has expertise

Shari Day

Senior Consultant

Shari Day, P.E., is a Senior Consultant for Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., specializing in structural and stress analysis.  Ms. Day’s background is in civil/structural engineering with an emphasis in finite element analysis.  She has a broad experience base,

Do Jun Shim


David Segletes

Senior Consultant

Mr. Segletes is Senior Consultant and Welding Engineer for Structural Integrity Associates.  He is focused on electric utility issues that involve metallurgy, failure analysis, corrosion, and welding of plant components.  At Structural Integrity he has worked with both


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