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Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop

Ed Dougherty – “Effectiveness of Chemical Biocide Treatments thru Alternate Real-Time Indications”

Our Chemical Engineer, Ed Dougherty, will discuss “Effectiveness of Chemical Biocide Treatments thru Alternate Real-Time Indications.” Ed will present how monitoring of the effectiveness of chemical biocide treatments of cooling waters and process waters helps provide the system owner with a direct measure of biological activity and assurance that surfaces are maintained in a clean condition ensuring peak operation. On-line monitoring aids system owners with adjusting biocide treatment dosing higher or lower, depending on need, ensuring that costs are optimized.

Our chemistry and materials staff are knowledgeable and experienced in full-scale applications of chemical control programs, and processes such as ion exchange, filtration, membrane systems, chemical treatment, clarification and sedimentation, and deaeration. For more information about our capabilities, click here.

Presenting at the Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop and participating in the program with other nuclear-fueled professionals offers us an excellent opportunity to contribute to the improved training and continuing education of those accountable for electric utility cycle and the environmental chemistry market. He will present on Thursday, June 6th.

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