EPRI Flexible Operations Conference

EPRI Flexible Operations: Conventional & Combined Cycle Power Plant Cycling Damage & Management

EPRI Flex Ops
Dr. Ian Perrin will present his knowledge and experience with Attemperator Monitoring and Cycling of Supercritical Plants. The conference will highlight damage mechanisms in major components, and provide industry leaders to discuss evolving management strategies.

On Thursday, June 2nd, join Ian as he discusses Attemperator Monitoring. Attemperators are typically problematic due to a combination of flexible operation and design efficiencies. We can review attemperator design, operation, maintenance, and control logic to identify deficiencies, assess the impact, and provide advice on mitigations from modified control logic to design upgrades. Having a good understanding of your attemperators is vital to the longevity of the plant and equipment. Interested in reading more about our experience with Attemperators? Click here.

On Friday, June 3rd, he will present on a summary of findings from the Cycling of Supercritical Plants Survey and the promising alternative choice available for conventional steam cycle for coal-fired power plants.

EPRI’s Flex Ops Conference allows industry leaders to share strategies and insight, assisting in the identification and management of risks associated with the damage mechanisms. The primary focus of the conference is how damage mechanisms in major components and evolving management strategies resulting from the shift in fossil generating operations.

Structural Integrity Attendees
Ian Perrin

Senior Associate

Dr. Perrin has more than twenty five years of problem solving and technical consulting experience within the power generation industry.  He has extensive experience in materials technology and material modeling, non-linear solid mechanics, component life assessment, and the use of the finite element method to solve complex engineering problems.  He also has broad experience in thermo-hydraulics, vibration and fluid-structure interaction.  His knowledge has been applied to many products including gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators, boilers, heat exchangers, and balance of plant equipment.  Dr. Perrin provides technical leadership


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