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NEI NEA-Nuclear Energy Assembly

Join us in our nation’s capital for the NEI Nuclear Energy Assembly!

Visit our nuclear experts, Darren Gale, Rob Choromokos and Stephen Parker in booth #204 at the Nuclear Energy Assembly in Washington, D.C., June 3 – 5, 2019.  Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGIN) co-site this event providing networking opportunities to discuss innovative technology, products, and services. We attend the Nuclear Energy Assembly to interact one-on-one with industry stakeholders to strengthen visibility and credibility within the nuclear marketplace. Our knowledge encompasses engineering assessments, repairs and consulting services in both domestic and international plants. We understand the nuclear power generation, sharing and gaining knowledge within the industry keeps our practices current.

Structural Integrity Attendees
Robert Choromokos

Senior Associate

Mr. Choromokos has 30 years of technical and management experience in the field of commercial nuclear engineering services, manufacturing, equipment supply, and construction.  He is a proven leader with demonstrated abilities in operations management, business/client development, project management,

Darren Gale

VP & Chief Nuclear Officer

Darren Gale has built his career in the nuclear industry with extensive knowledge in nuclear services and fuel business units. He has held executive leadership positions in maintenance services, SMR technical development and licensing, commercial nuclear steam generator


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