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Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) in Nuclear 2019

Associate, Dr. Jason Van Velsor will be attending the EPRI Nondestructive Examination in Nuclear Conference, June 24 -28 at the Omni Charlotte, in North Carolina.  This annual conference offers  NDE professionals the opportunity to discuss the progression of NDE technologies for the nuclear industry.   Please visit Dr. Van Velsor at Booth #12 to speak with him about his expertise in the development of novel NDE and SHM solutions for the pipeline, aviation, rail, and power generation industries, and to see a demonstration of our innovative non-mechanized position encoding system, LATITUDE.

LATITUDE, is a non-mechanized position encoding technology that enables the digitization and recording of manual NDE inspections. This encoding system is compact and portable, reduces set-up time to that which is comparable of a traditional manual examination, and allows an examiner to manually apply and manipulate NDE sensors to provide tactile feedback on surface condition, contact and coupling that leads to improved signal-to-noise results when compared to mechanized delivery.

Structural Integrity offers in-service examinations employing procedures that take advantage of the LATITUDE system for both similar and dissimilar welds across a range of components in various markets such as fossil, chemical, nuclear and oil and gas. We have also applied LATITUDE for high-resolution corrosion mapping of service water piping in the nuclear industry. The LATITUDE encoded manual examinations provide proof of coverage and a digital record of the examination data.

To learn more, request our LATITUDE Webinar

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Jason Van Velsor


Dr. Jason Van Velsor is the Director of the Applied Technology group at SI, a group of individuals primarily focused on the development of new technologies for the energy and oil & gas industries. He has been working in the field of NDE and SHM for nearly 15 years and has significant experience with the development and field application of NDE technology and with NDE and SHM related project management. Throughout his career, Dr. Van Velsor has applied his NDE expertise for the development of novel NDE and


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