SMIRT 25 – Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology

Connect with our Critical Structure Experts at SMiRT 25 in Charlotte, NC

Five of our Critical Structures experts, Derrick Watkins, Eric Kjolsing, Deepak Somasundaram,  Dojun Shim, and Dilip Dedhia, have been selected to present at the SMiRT 25 Conference, August 4 – 9 in Charlotte, NC.  This joint US-Canada conference has a strong history of contributions worldwide in the nuclear industry.  Participating in this conference offers a valuable forum for industry stakeholders to exchange scientific and technological developments, and to drive innovation and ensure a secure, reliable, and efficient future for nuclear energy. 

  • Deepak Somasundaram, Dojun Shim, and Dilip Dedhia were selected to share their presentation on ‘Sensitivity Analysis Methodology For Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Output’ and ‘Weight Function-Based Stress Intensity Factor Solution For Nozzle Corner Cracks’
  • Derrick Watkins will be presenting on ‘Improvements In Frequency Domain Soil-Structure-Fluid Interaction Analysis Of Nuclear Power Plants’
  • Eric Kjosling will speak on ‘Scabbing And Perforation Of Reinforced Concrete Walls Designed For Aircraft Impact Protection’

If you would like to meet one of our experts to discuss trending topics or their selected presentations, please send them an email or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Structural Integrity Attendees
Eric Kjolsing

Senior Engineer

Eric Kjolsing joined Structural Integrity Associates in 2016 after completing his PhD in Structural Engineering.  His PhD research interests were in the fields of mechanical vibrations and energy harvesting. Prior to pursuing his PhD, Eric worked as a bridge

Derrick Watkins

Senior Associate

Dr. Watkins is an innovative engineer and leader with extensive experience solving complex multi-disciplinary problems from the technical, practical and political aspects. Derrick is seismic, dynamics and vibrations consultant with significant experience in vibration testing, analysis, signal processing,

Do Jun Shim


Dilip Dedhia

Senior Associate

Dr. Dedhia’s areas of expertise include fracture mechanics, both deterministic and probabilistic, statistical data analysis, development of engineering software and providing training. Since joining SI in 2007, Dr. Dedhia has been involved in fracture mechanics analysis and the


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