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STARS Alliance Expo – Wolf Creek

Join us at the STARS Alliance Expo -Wolf Creek in Burlington, KS this week.

Our team of experts Jennifer Correa, Steve Sparks, and Mark Jaeger will be participating this year at the STARS ALLIANCE Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation Expo, in Burlington, KS., on August 13th. Jennifer, Steve, and Mark will be available to exchange ideas for providing clean, reliable, and safe energy sources for citizens. They look forward to providing their expertise to such an impactful corporation that has been providing energy to the people of Kansas and Missouri since 1985. Operating as Kansas’ first nuclear power generating station, we hope that by collaborating with other professionals to provide innovative ideas, pointing out challenges, and exchanging key solutions as a community, that it will provide the attendees with a more efficient, effective, and smart approach when using electricity.

If you would like to meet one of our experts to discuss trending topics, please send them an email or connect with them on LinkedIn

Structural Integrity Attendees
Jennifer Correa

Senior Consultant

Ms. Correa is a product manager for Fatigue Management at SI.  This product encompasses all areas of the management of metal fatigue at nuclear power plants.  Ms. Correa also manages and serves as a technical lead on many

Steven Sparks


Mark Jaeger


Mr. Jaeger joined Structural Integrity Associates in June of 2006, and his emphasis has been on projects addressing structural adequacy and operational longevity problems at power generation and process plants.  His areas of expertise include vibration, piping design


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