2016 Outage Season: Lessons Learned

Highlighting Relevant Topics in Today's Nuclear Outage Work Environment

This 1-hour webinar will highlight relevant topics in today’s nuclear outage work environment. We focus on three recent outage experiences and the support that Structural Integrity provided our clients to resolve issues and minimize any impact on the plant.

Don’t miss this educational webinar when we’ll discuss our successful experiences with BWR core shroud off-axis cracking (several applications), as well as support on baffle former bolt cracking.

This three-part webinar will focus on just some of our experiences this past 2016 outage season. You will hear about the challenges that we’ve faced and how we helped resolve the issues for a successful outage season.

Each Structural Integrity presenter will include the objective of the project, pertinent information regarding the facility along with the technical approach, data and analysis results, as well as conclusions and the recommendations shared. Take just a little time from your schedule to hear about the following:

BWR Core Shroud Off-Axis Cracking Evaluation Support – We’ll share Structural Integrity’s leaking rate calculation guidance that has been successfully implemented at the site. It is shown to provide disposition for the as-found cracking. Additionally we’ll share several other findings and techniques.
Presented by Daniel Sommerville, P.E. Associate

Recent Experience with Baffle Former Bolt Cracking – As the number of cracked baffle former bolts significantly increase, we will discuss the probabilistic model that Structural Integrity has developed. This model predicts a general increase in bolt failures as a function of EFPY. You’ll hear about this and other findings, results and recommendations.
Presented by Tim Griesbach, Sr. Associate

Who should attend:

Plant Managers, Engineering Managers, Maintenance Managers, Engineers, and Chemists.

Presenter Bio
Tim Griesbach

Senior Associate

At Structural Integrity, Mr. Griesbach is assisting utilities on reactor vessel integrity issues, materials degradation management programs, PWR reactor vessel internals and plant operating issues.  He has over 35 years of experience in materials behavior and structural integrity


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