BWR Boiling Water Reactor Recirculation Line Break Acoustic Loads

In recent years numerous industry communications have been issued regarding Recirculation Line Break Acoustic Loads and their effect on BWR internals. Despite substantial discussion on this topic in various forums there remain numerous questions regarding how to calculate the acoustic loads, which methods have been used and which are currently considered acceptable, what components are affected, what types of analysis are affected, etc.

This webinar is intended to help clarify these issues and provide additional background and basic discussion that has been lacking over the past 5 years.

What you will learn
  • What the RLB AC load is and what parameters affect the nature of the load
  • How are RLB AC loads currently calculated and what are the inherent assumptions used in these methods
  • Which BWR internals components are affected by the RLB AC load
  • Which structural analyses are affected by the known omission of the RLB AC loading or known errors in some RLB AC calculations
  • What options exist for utility engineers to determine the extent condition for their plant considering existing industry communications and how to resolve this issue
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