Common HRSG Tube Failure Mechanisms and Causes

What you will learn
  • FAC in LP Evaporators
  • Thermal Fatigue and Creep Fatigue at Tube to Header Connections
  • Corrosion Fatigue in LP Evaporators and Economizers
  • Under-Deposit Corrosion in HP Evaporators
  • Pitting
Presenter Bio
Wendy Weiss


As manager of SI’s metallurgical laboratory, Ms. Weiss conducts both laboratory and on-site failure and metallurgical analyses on a variety of components, primarily from fossil utilities but also from diverse facilities including chemical, petrochemical, refinery, pulp and paper, heavy manufacturing, food, cement, specialty chemical, and manufacturing establishments. Her responsibilities include defining a scope of work and budget, overseeing technician support, determining the condition or cause of failure of the component, and maintaining client contact. She has directed hundreds of such analyses over the course of her career. Ms.


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