Building Blocks of an High Energy Piping (HEP) Program: Prioritizing, Maintaining, Budgeting

HEP Series 1 of 5

This webinar provides an introduction to the building blocks that are part of a successful HEP program. You will learn about our approach for managing degradation in main steam, cold reheat, hot reheat, and feedwater piping. You will learn the elements of a successful HEP program, how to budget for this program and the various issues to consider as the plant ages. As the first in the series, this webinar lays the groundwork for subsequent webinars in the series.


Presenter Bio
Matt Freeman

Senior Associate

Matt Freeman has worked in the power industry for 30 years, applying his mechanical engineering knowledge in the areas of risk assessment, simulation, and data management.  Over his career he has held roles in consulting, project management, product management, and business development.  He joined Structural Integrity in 2014 to direct the strategic business development activities and while here his focus has been increasing safety and reliability of power generating equipment including high energy piping, boilers, HRSGs, steam turbines, wind turbines, etc. Mr. Freeman’s varied career has allowed him


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