Industry Issues at Conventional/Coal Fired Power Plants

Conventional power plants burning coal, oil, or gas experience age related damage that is well understood but often overlooked. These plants are not only being pushed beyond their design life expectancy but are also being utilized and operated differently to accommodate renewable power generation. Whilst asset utilization factors into inspection budgets, it is essential to target key areas of these assets to ensure safe and reliable operation.

This webinar will draw on SI’s 35 years of experience in managing the age-related damage of these plants, more specifically examine a few of the issues associated with seam-welded pipe, headers, and boiler tube components.

Presenter Bio
Jonnathan Warwick

Senior Consultant

Dr. Warwick is a principal contributor in developing life management methodologies of critical components in the power industry with an emphasis on high-energy piping, boilers and headers. His recent work has focused around on-site failure investigation and remaining life assessment which includes characterization of creep and fatigue damage, using various non-destructive and destructive techniques.  He has extensive knowledge and practical experience on a range of materials ranging from cast iron to creep strength enhanced ferritic steels to polymers and glasses. Dr Warwick’s previous work has focused on the


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