Large Bore Alloy 600

A Look At Its Live Application

Structural Integrity and WSI are teaming up to share with you a recently completed project that involved the design, licensing, implementation and inspection of an industry-first; Optimized Weld Overlays (OWOLs) applied preemptively on four (4) reactor coolant pump discharge nozzle Alloy 600 welds.

What you will learn:
  • Summarize the technical basis of OWOL, including agreements reached with the NRC staff during the relief request review process.
  • Present an overview of the site implementation project, including the tooling and team preparations and the welding experience.
  • Provide details associated with the now finalized NRC’s safety evaluation for MRP-169 for generic application of the OWOL concept.
  • Discuss how leak-before-break requirements associated with weld overlay were fully addressed for this project.

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