Metallurgical Testing Related to Steam Turbine Issues and Failures

This webinar concentrates on metallurgical testing as applied to failure analyses associated with steam turbine components.

The case histories that will be presented will include components such as turbine buckets (blades), blade and wheel attachments, and rotors. This session will focus primarily on the laboratory analyses that were critical in identifying failure mechanisms.

What you will learn
  • Metallurgical testing methods applied to steam turbine component failures.
  • Common failure mechanisms with turbine components.
  • Factors with turbine operation and layup that can result in damage to turbine components.
Presenter Bio
L. Clark McDonald


Dr. McDonald is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience in metallurgy, failure analysis, and accident reconstruction. Prior to entering the consulting business, Dr. McDonald conducted research in metallurgy, and taught undergraduate courses in mechanical engineering and material science. He also worked as a consultant on projects associated with the evaluation and design of materials and components for mechanical and electrical applications. Dr. McDonald's consulting background has provided him with extensive experience in the evaluation of material and product failures, and the analysis of utility, industrial,


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