pc-CRACK 4.1

A Demonstration of Structural Integrity's Fracture Mechanics Software

Accuracy is everything when you’re analyzing cracks in critical plant components. For years, our pc-CRACK™ software has made it easy for plant owners to precisely predict the behaviors of flaws found in critical plant components.

And now this time-tested software is even better! Version 4.1 offers 17 new crack models, crack growth for elliptical cracks, ASME-allowable crack size calculation and much more! This easy-to-use, Windows-based software makes the most sophisticated analysis simple.

When you have questions about the effects of structural flaws, our new pc-CRACK 4.1 delivers the accurate answers you need.

What is New in 4.1
  • 17 new crack models, many with influence function option
  • Crack growth calculation along surface and through depth directions for elliptical cracks
  • User-defined 1-D or 2-D stress intensity factor inputs for crack growth calculations
  • Allowable crack size calculation per 2004 ASME Section XI, IWB-3640 requirements
  • Batch mode capability
  • User definable material library
Presenter Bio
Dilip Dedhia

Senior Associate

Dr. Dedhia’s areas of expertise include fracture mechanics, both deterministic and probabilistic, statistical data analysis, development of engineering software and providing training. Since joining SI in 2007, Dr. Dedhia has been involved in fracture mechanics analysis and the development of pc-CRACK software. His current work includes the development of beyond-PRAISE, a PFM software for nuclear piping. He is also a key contributor to the NRC-EPRI xLPR project. Dr. Dedhia has developed statistically based inspection plans, databases for pressure vessel fracture toughness data and statistical methodology for large volume


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