pc-CRACK 4.1

A Demonstration of Structural Integrity's Fracture Mechanics Software

Accuracy is everything when you’re analyzing cracks in critical plant components. For years, our pc-CRACK™ software has made it easy for plant owners to precisely predict the behaviors of flaws found in critical plant components.

And now this time-tested software is even better! Version 4.1 offers 17 new crack models, crack growth for elliptical cracks, ASME-allowable crack size calculation and much more! This easy-to-use, Windows-based software makes the most sophisticated analysis simple.

When you have questions about the effects of structural flaws, our new pc-CRACK 4.1 delivers the accurate answers you need.

What is New in 4.1
  • 17 new crack models, many with influence function option
  • Crack growth calculation along surface and through depth directions for elliptical cracks
  • User-defined 1-D or 2-D stress intensity factor inputs for crack growth calculations
  • Allowable crack size calculation per 2004 ASME Section XI, IWB-3640 requirements
  • Batch mode capability
  • User definable material library
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