SI:FatiguePro 4.0

Tracking Fatigue Usage and Transients Using Existing Plant Instrumentation

SI:FatiguePro 4.0™, a fatigue monitoring software system developed by Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., automatically tracks fatigue usage and transients using existing plant instrumentation.

SI:FatiguePro 4.0™ has many improvements over the previous version, most notably new Stress-Based Fatigue (SBF) algorithms which utilize multi-axial stress calculations and integrated Environmentally-Assisted Fatigue (EAF) calculations.

The multi-axial stress calculation for SBF analysis uses the methodology described in EPRI Technical Report 1022876, and addresses the NRC concerns about the simplified, single stress term approach, as documented in RIS 2008-30. Additional improvements were made to the software, including better cycle and fatigue usage projections, more flexibility with report generation, and a Transient Library for easier transient simulation.

Presenter Bio
Jennifer Correa

Senior Consultant

Ms. Correa is a product manager for Fatigue Management at SI.  This product encompasses all areas of the management of metal fatigue at nuclear power plants.  Ms. Correa also manages and serves as a technical lead on many fatigue management-related projects.  She has several years of experience with license renewal activities, specifically those involving the implementation of fatigue management programs and environmentally-assisted fatigue analysis. Ms. Correa was involved in many aspects of the development of SI:FatiguePro 4 cycle and fatigue monitoring software.  She is currently working on the


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