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Issue 39 - Fall 2015

Cracked Pinned Finger Turbine Blade Attachment Assessment for Continued Operation

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  • Category:Nuclear

OEMs recommend periodic inspection of pinned finger turbine blade attachments for detection of service-induced damage. Some designs require removal of the pinned finger blades for inspection of the blade fingers and the mating disk finger attachment. This article provides an example where Structural Integrity detected cracking on one of...Read more »

MRP-146 Thermal Fatigue Examinations

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  • Category:Metallurgical Lab,Nuclear

History In the late 1980’s, there was thermal fatigue cracking and leakage in several PWR plants. This led to the issuance of NRC Bulletin 88-08. The cracking was attributed to thermal cycling mechanisms and was found in normally stagnant lines attached to RCS piping. In the late 1990’s to...Read more »