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Twice a year, Structural Integrity highlights significant energy industry experience, developments and breakthroughs in the News & Views newsletter. Energy industry clients rely on our News & Views to stay abreast of the latest Structural Integrity strategies.

Past Articles

Issue 42 - Spring 2017

Applying Fracture Mechanics to Address Emerging Issues in Oil & Gas

  • News & Views 42
  • Category:Oil & Gas Pipeline

While fracture mechanics work remains a core engineering discipline for the work we perform in the nuclear and fossil industry, new regulations in the oil and gas industry targeting gas transmission pipelines and subsea components will require a significant...Read more »

From Wind to Electricity

  • News & Views 42
  • Category:Renewable Energy

Capturing energy from wind and distributing it as electricity has become a reality. What drives this fast pace growth and what challenges lay ahead for what can be considered an industry in its infancy?...Read more »