Gas Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management Web Series

Our 5-part video web series discusses the integral parts of Distribution Pipeline Integrity, reviewing the importance of safety and compliance. Learn how to administer a Distribution Pipeline Integrity Program, hear why audits are essential and listen as the risk in distribution integrity is addressed. Let our team help manage threats to pipeline integrity and support your regulatory compliance.

2019 Pipeline

This video highlights the proposed legislative changes happening within the industry.

Part 2 Oil and Gas Web Series Words 2

Background of Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management

This video reviews the history of Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management and the development of regulations.

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Administering a Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management Program

Who is setting accountability and responsibility of the administration for your organization’s Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management (DIMP) Program? This video describes the appropriate resources needed to execute a successful DIMP Program.

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Distribution Pipeline
Integrity Management

This video discusses some violations inspectors are finding when conducting Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management audits, and why audits are essential.

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Addressing Distribution Integrity Risk

This video addresses risk within the industry and highlights why distribution integrity provides a mechanism to review events leading to severe incidents.