Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. Awarded Seismic Structural Engineering Contract by US Army Corps of Engineers at Clear Air Force Station

As the seismic structural service supplier, we will support all non-structural components, anchorages and bracing during the construction of the power plant and fuel handling facility.

San Jose, Calif., August 06, 2019Structural Integrity Associates (SI) today released the securing of contract to serve as Seismic Structural Engineering supplier in support of the construction of a Power Plant and Fuel Handling Facility for the Long Range Discrimination Radar Station at Clear Air Force Station in Alaska. The US Army Corps of Engineers is conducting the project with Engineering firm Black & Veatch providing architect-engineering services and construction by UNIT-ASRC Construction. SI is contracted to provide Structural Seismic Design and Qualification of non-structural components throughout the facility which is scheduled to start construction in the coming months and completed in 2021.

“We are delighted by the opportunity to provide structural seismic design and support services for a long-range radar facility tasked with detection of ballistic missiles,” says Laney Bisbee, President of Structural Integrity Associates. “Structural Integrity uniquely possesses the necessary technical expertise and experience to ensure the resiliency of a critical asset to perform its mission during and after extreme events.”

SI’s Critical Structures and Facilities business unit provides advanced structural engineering and analysis for components, structures, and facilities with critical functions and experience dynamic, non-linear or extreme event loading. Clients served represent worldwide leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, power production, medical diagnostic and treatment, life safety, water treatment, building facade, and perimeter security products.

“By offering our analytical capabilities and our TRU Compliance certification solution we have created a comprehensive and straight forward way to complete non-structural bracing design, anchorage design and equipment qualification for seismic loads for this important construction project,” said Dr. Derrick Watkins, SI Executive Advisor for Critical Structures and Facilities Group. Structural Integrity is experienced leading projects as the Engineer of Record with experience in Risk Category IV & V facilities, UFC 3-310-04, Specification for Seismic Protection for Mechanical, Electrical & Miscellaneous Equipment (Mechanical: 13 48 00.03 10, Electrical: 26 05 48.03 10, and Miscellaneous: 13 48 00.03 00). “We will be managing all aspects of this portion of the scope, offering up a total solution,” said Watkins.

Structural Integrity provides a premium service of unique and innovative engineering solutions with experience in developing technology, science and technical leadership in many industries. Our expertise applies to critical and complex infrastructures, chemical processing, health care, transportation, pipelines, and the power sector. Over the past 10 years Structural Integrity and TRU Compliance have seismically certified over 20,000 components for use in Risk Category IV and V facilities.

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Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in the prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures, with a strong presence in the power generation industry. With headquarters in San Jose, CA, Structural Integrity serves clients worldwide through branch offices located across the US and Canada, as well as affiliates located in China, Taiwan, Korea, Switzerland, and Spain. Structural Integrity’s expertise encompasses a broad range of issues critical to the commercial success of nuclear power plants, including nuclear fuel reactors, as well as fossil-fired plants, oil & gas pipelines, and civil infrastructure, worldwide.

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