Structural Integrity’s Dan Peters Receives ASME’s Distinguished J. Hall Taylor Medal

Dan is recognized for his outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of ASME codes and standards for pressure equipment; and for efforts to enhance public safety and component reliability through dedicated service on the Society’s pressure vessel and piping committees. Dan has been with Structural Integrity for more than 13 years and currently leads the Critical Structures and Facilities group on Pressure Vessels and Piping. See more about Dan here »

About the J. Hall Taylor Medal

The J. Hall Taylor Medal is presented for distinguished service or eminent achievement in the field of codes and standards pertaining to the broad fields of piping and pressure vessels which are sponsored or undertaken by ASME. The scope includes contributions to technical advancement and administration.

In 1965, by a bequest through the ASME activity in codes and standards, the Taylor Forge and Pipe Works established this award to commemorate the pioneering work of J. Hall Taylor in the field of standardization of industrial products and safety codes for their usage