Al Jarvis

Senior Associate

Nuclear Chemistry

Al Jarvis has 38 years experience in the nuclear industry. In 16 years with Structural Integrity/Finetech (Finetech was acquired by Structural Integrity in 2015), his main responsibilities include a variety of utility-direct and EPRI projects, assessments and conceptual designs related to water chemistry (for both BWR and PWRs), source term (for both BWRs and PWRs), condensate polishing, reactor water cleanup, radwaste processing, and makeup water. Al participates in EPRI BWRVIP Mitigation, Chemistry Technical Strategy Groups and Radiation Management committees. He is the technical lead in the preparation of BWR startup and shutdown guidance, and was the main author of BWRVIP-225 Revision 1: BWR Shutdown and Startup Chemistry Experience and Application Sourcebook, which is the definitive document for startup and shutdown chemistry optimization used by U.S. and international plants. Many of his assessment projects involve BWR operating cycle, shutdown and startup chemistry control, including the impacts on IGSCC mitigation, fuel reliability and radiation field control.

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