Andy Coughlin


Director, Critical Structures and Facilities

Seismic, Wind & Blast Product Certification

Structural Engineering

Andy Coughlin joined Structural Integrity Associates (SI) in 2017 during their acquisition of Tobolski Watkins Engineering. Andy had established a Northern California practice for Tobolski Watkins and helped further their expertise in extreme loading and design of structures. Andy’s approach is to utilize first principals of science to quickly turn an engineering challenge from possibility to reality. He has designed seismic and bomb blast protection at multiple embassies and military installations abroad, and has traveled to places such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Finland, and South Korea, and many government, nuclear, and military installations stateside to implement these designs. Now at SI, Andy continues his record of client services and is championing a balanced approach of utilizing high-fidelity characterization, laboratory testing, and in-house software tools to quickly deliver cost-saving solutions to clients in multiple industries.

Associated Projects

Tornado Missile Impact Analysis, Arkansas Nuclear One Power Plant (2016-2017)

Project Manager - Andy worked with his team to validate the ANSYS and Autodyn features necessary to model projectiles and targets for the required tornado missile impact analysis at Entergy’s ANO Nuclear Plant. Andy also provided internal peer review on the project in accordance with TW’s NQA-1 quality assurance program. As technical needs arose on the project, Andy assisted younger engineers to select the proper material models, implement symmetric boundary conditions, model contact, and couple Lagragian and Eulerian portions of fluid-structure interaction models.

USSTRATCOM Replacement Facility, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE (2011-2014)*

Project Engineer - Working for the USACE Omaha District, Andy provided AT/FP consulting and blast services for the $564 million USSTRATCOM Replacement Facility at Offutt Air Force Base, located in Omaha, Nebraska. This mission critical facility required various levels of protection depending on the asset being protected in response to an extreme loading event. The facility was designed meet the required level of protection, as dictated by the UFC standards with protective design strategies implemented in response to explosive threat scenarios based on a project-specific threat assessment. Andy worked from the early stages of design in collaboration with the design team to provide a ‘design in-depth’ security design approach with protective design strategies such perimeter security, vehicle and access controls, blast hardening of facades and structure, critical infrastructure protection. The design of the building envelope included a curtain wall framed entirely with steel, a novel concept that allowed more glazing on the façade, including a four-story atrium curtain wall.

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