Anthony Studer



Anthony Studer has performed metallurgical examinations and/or failure analyses on a variety of components, primarily from fossil utilities, and also including heavy industries, chemical process plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical and medical facilities. Mr. Studer has directed hundreds of investigations. His responsibilities during an analysis include defining a scope of work and budget, overseeing technician support, determining the root cause of the failure, assessing the condition of the component, and contacting the customer. The results of an analysis are generally communicated to the customer in a formal, written report.

Mr. Studer conducts both laboratory and on-site failure and metallurgical analyses on a variety of components at or from diverse facilities. He has performed remaining useful life evaluations on several components, including tenons on turbine blades, high-energy piping, boiler tubes, and reformer tubes. He was part of a team developing a quantitative risk assessment of high-energy piping. He has also done material selection, weld qualification, and condition assessment.

As a Research Assistant at Case Western Reserve University, Mr. Studer evaluated the effects of solidification parameters on the macro segregation in a binary alloy. This study simulated the segregation, which occurs during the solidification of large ingot castings. Mr. Studer also investigated the influence of SiC particles on the properties of casting aluminum alloys. This examination required the use of the following techniques: casting system design, squeeze casting, swaging, extruding, machining, metallography, fractography, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X ray spectroscopy, heat treating, hardness testing, and mechanical properties evaluation.

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