L. Clark McDonald



Failure Analysis

Mechanical Engineering


Dr. McDonald is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience in metallurgy, failure analysis, and accident reconstruction. Prior to entering the consulting business, Dr. McDonald conducted research in metallurgy, and taught undergraduate courses in mechanical engineering and material science. He also worked as a consultant on projects associated with the evaluation and design of materials and components for mechanical and electrical applications.

Dr. McDonald’s consulting background has provided him with extensive experience in the evaluation of material and product failures, and the analysis of utility, industrial, construction, and marine accidents. With regard to metallurgical failures, he has experience in fractography, metallography, and microscopy, and is able to combine the principles of engineering and materials science in the identification of causative factors, including fabrication flaws, mechanical damage, corrosion, abnormal loading conditions, etc. His experience includes more than ten years of work in the investigation of power plant component failures, including tubing, piping, steam turbine components, industrial fans, fasteners, and related balance of plant equipment. He has also been involved in multiple large-scale root cause analyses (RCA’s) related to power plant failures.

Dr. McDonald has provided expert testimony in more than 30 deposition and trial settings, and is the author of more than a dozen articles and reports on low temperature materials and the methods used to study material properties at low temperatures; two of his publications have won awards. Dr. McDonald is also co-author of two patents concerning aluminum alloys.

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