Clifford Lange



Fracture Mechanics

Root Cause Analysis

Turbine Damage & Failure

Dr. Lange has been performing engineering analyses of mechanical and structural systems throughout his career.  He is an expert on root cause analysis skilled in the application of finite element analysis, fracture mechanics, fatigue and probabilistic methodology.  At Structural Integrity (SI), Dr. Lange is a lead technical analyst for lifetime evaluations of steam turbine and generator components.  He is experienced with the EPRI SAFER-PC and LPRimLife Codes performing lifetime evaluations of turbine-generator rotors and turbine blade attachments respectively.  These evaluations address the effects of fatigue damage, stress corrosion cracking, creep damage and other life limiting degradation mechanisms.  His work on turbine generator components includes rotors, rotor support systems, turbine casings, blades and blade attachment geometry’s and generator retaining rings.  Dr. Lange also directs flaw assessment activities and serves as the technical lead for Leak-Before-Break analyses of nuclear plant piping systems.  He is knowledgeable with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, ASTM standards, ANSI Standards and the guidelines of the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Institute (SEMI).

Dr. Lange’s areas of expertise include probabilistic modeling and risk analysis;  Finite element analysis and computer simulation;  Vibration, dynamic and impact studies;  Fatigue, fracture, creep, plasticity, buckling and stability analyses;  Steady state and transient thermal heat transfer analysis;  Experimental mechanics and stress analysis; Reliability modeling and testing of mechanical, electrical and software systems;  Reliability allocation and predictions;  FMEA execution, reliability demonstration testing, accelerated and highly accelerated life testing methodology.

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