Dan Parker


Senior Consultant

Risk Assessment


Mr. Parker joined Structural Integrity Associates as part of the ANATECH acquisition in 2013. Mr. Parker has 28 years of experience using nonlinear finite element analysis software at ANATECH and Structural Integrity.

He is particularly experienced in nonlinear analysis of concrete and steel structures with an emphasis on Seismic response and other beyond design load case scenarios for evaluation of structural performance and failure limit states. This includes involvement in Aircraft Impact Analyses for most of the Nuclear Power plant design vendors. He has co-authored numerous reports and technical papers on nonlinear structural analysis. Mr. Parker has extensive experience using analysis software tools and general-purpose nonlinear finite element programs including ABAQUS, ADINA, LS-DYNA, and TERRAGRANDE. His project experience ranges from seismic and member capacity assessments of reinforced concrete, masonry, and steel frame buildings, design analysis and vulnerability assessments of new and existing hydraulic structures including dams, intake towers, and miter gates, local detailed bridge component modeling, coupled thermo-mechanical incremental construction analysis of mass pour and state-of-the art float-in dam foundations, and on-site walk-down inspections. Mr. Parker is experienced in static and dynamic analyses of both elastic material – linear analysis – as well as nonlinear behavior of concrete and steel structures, and explicit blast and impact simulations.

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