David Segletes

Senior Consultant


Mr. Segletes is Senior Consultant and Welding Engineer for Structural Integrity Associates.  He is focused on electric utility issues that involve metallurgy, failure analysis, corrosion, and welding of plant components.  At Structural Integrity he has worked with both utility and industrial clients on a broad spectrum of issues including materials selection and design, welding, design of weld repairs, corrosion, program planning, root cause assessments, licensing support, oversight, and training.  He regularly supports clients on-site with complex component degradation and regulatory issues.

Prior to joining SIA, Mr. Segletes was a Fellow Metallurgical Engineer with Siemens Energy Inc. in Charlotte North Carolina.  He has spent 23 years of his career working at an original equipment manufacturer of steam turbines, gas turbines, and electrical generators.  During his time there he was the principal engineer responsible for rotor welding technology.  This included management of research and development projects to evaluate new filler metals and processes, extending existing applications through in depth mechanical testing programs, and development of service repairs for utility customers.

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