Gerald Davina

Senior Consultant

Mr. Davina has over 23 years of BWR and PWR experience. He has multi-disciplined engineering experience in the evaluation and design of systems and upgrades for water purification, as well as in project management, fabrication, inspection, installation support and field testing support for a variety of new and retrofit plant systems at nuclear and fossil fueled power plants. He has provided onsite field installation support for the integrated flow distributors (IFDs) at Columbia Generating Station and the Browns Ferry TVA facilities. Mr. Davina has extensive technical experience in hydraulic system analysis, engineered industrial process instrument and control systems, including programming and data acquisition, and is an experienced CAD operator. He has provided software upgrades for ECP at Hatch Nuclear Plant and the conversion of HWC from Moore controllers to a PLC based operator interface at FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant. He also has special training on numerous specialized software packages, including Pipe-Flo, Micro-Station (CAD), numerous PLC programming packages (i.e., Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc, Modicon), Man-Machine Interface packages (i.e., Cimplicity, RSView) and LabView (data acquisition). Mr. Davina has previously maintained unescorted security access at Exelon and TVA nuclear facilities.

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